My Story

I’ve had a personal calling for public service since I was a little boy. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to hopefully make a difference in my community, and I enjoy helping cities and the people that serve them accomplish their goals.


I began my full-time career in the private sector, and I’ve built and grown successful companies. I’ve managed large, multi-million dollar profit and loss statements and even grown a company from zero to a successful stock offering. However, even though I found success, my work wasn’t personally fulfilling. I was looking for something more when I ran for local public office.


What began as a hobby became a passion. I saw the opportunity we had in Thornton, Adams County, and the north metro area of Denver in general, and I felt that by bringing people together to solve regional problems we could be even greater. Our paramount regional problem was the growth of Denver and the traffic and economic development challenges that resulted from this explosive growth. This is why I brought together 13 local cities and counties in a coalition to lobby for transportation improvements, efforts that resulted in the completion of a commuter rail system and highway improvements. I saw opportunity to work with the City of Denver to enhance economic development around Denver International Airport, and I rallied a coalition of local communities and negotiated an agreement ratified by voters in both counties to open up land for development at the airport. From my 17 years in local elected office in Colorado I learned you can’t do it yourself: it takes partners, coalitions, groups of like-minded people who are willing to come together for the good of our community.


While I enjoyed my time in elected office, I knew it was time for it to end. While the governing and accomplishments were personally fulfilling, the politics were not. It was time for a change, an opportunity to return to my roots of public service. As a professional City Administrator I relish my role of assisting city councils become successful, a consultative approach that brings me great personal satisfaction. With my private sector experience and collaborative approach, I’m particularly focused on economic development and financial issues in the community I serve.


Erik and his teens on vacation in Rome.